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Loki no ingresara a la secuela de Los Vengadores

Enjoy our Beloved Villain while we wait for Marvel to bring Loki back.

Is Tom's idea of manliness throwing oneself through a tree or is that a direct quote from Chris?

Tom Hiddleston & Chris Hemsworth // yeah, let's go throw ourselves through a tree or break something // boys will be boys.

Look for the one with tea

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Funny pictures about Find the British guy. Oh, and cool pics about Find the British guy. Also, Find the British guy.

Its official, everyone. I found my favorite Christmas gif - Imgur

Shower Porn - From Tumblr. (Of course)

Loki nailing Iron Man in the balls (does anyone know who these cosplayers are? I'd love a better view of that Loki costume!)<<No one does petty like Loki.

Ahahaha! Somewhere in the world, someone is misquoting Shakespeare. I can sense it.

Tom's Shakespeare-senses are tingling -- I love Tom Hiddleston so much

Blood or no these two are brothers. This part perfectly illustrates that relationship. Lol. I love it.

Me watching my younger brother play video games