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Spotted Harrier (Circus assimilis)

Spotted Harrier (Circus assimilis) Adult perched on a stump

African Harrier-hawk - Polyboroides typus

African Harrier-hawk (Polyboroides typus) Bird on a branch

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Sunbittern (Eurypyga helias) found from southern Mexico to northern Bolivia and Brazil

Shikra - Accipiter badius

Shikra (Accipiter badius) on a tree,calling

Besra - Accipiter virgatus

Besra (Accipiter virgatus) A bird perched on a coconut palm feeding

Montagu’s Harrier - Circus pygargus

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Golden-shouldered Parrot

Making of #4 – A rare parrot at the end of the world

emuwren: The Golden-shouldered Parrot (Psephotus chrysopterygius) is a rare bird of southern Cape York Peninsular, in Queensland, Australia .

Dark Chanting-goshawk - Melierax metabates

Dark Chanting-goshawk (Melierax metabates) A perched adult in typical hunting mode.

.a mama seagull and her single egg, on a mound or nest in the middle of no where.......beautiful!

The reflection in the peaceful lake even provides a useful mirror for the bird to admire herself in. Squawking on water: Bird sets up its nest in the middle of a lake By DAILY MAIL REPORTER UPDATED: EST, 15 July 2011

Blue-Faced Parrot Finch - Erythrura trichroa - This finch of the family Estrildidae has a wide range of natural distribution ranging from north-eastern Australia, Japan, The Federated States of Micronesia, Indonesia, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, Palau, Papua New Guinea and Vanatu and also, it has been introduced to France

Blue-Faced Parrot Finch - Erythrura trichroa - This finch of the family…

Moluccan Goshawk - Accipiter henicogrammus

Moluccan Goshawk (Accipiter henicogrammus) Frontal view of a juvenile perched in a tree.

BLUE-BEARDED BEE-EATERS (Nyctyornis athertoni) - large bee-eaters found in South Asia, where they are generally found in openings in patches of dense forest. As is suggested by their names, they mostly feed on bees. They favor thin to fairly thick forest with clearings. They are usually seen alone or in small groups of up to three birds.

Blue-bearded Bee-eater, The Indian Subcontinent and parts of Southeast Asia

Black Harrier               Circus Maurus             Witkruisvalk

Black Harrier Circus Maurus Witkruisvalk