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A squirrel stretches to eat a nut from a man's hand in the central park in Minsk, Belarus, 21 October People and small animals enjoy the beginning of Autumn mild weather in the area. (Photo by Tatyana Zenkovich/EPA)

This is how u sketch

Kid coloring on white dog. Im sure everyone thought this was funny, while it taught the kid anything goes when mistreating animals. Teach respect for living things folks!

Red Crab Migration, Christmas Island | Australia  At the beginning of the wet season, most adult red crabs suddenly begin a spectacular migration from the forest to the coast to breed. During peak migration times, sections of roads where crabs cross in high numbers may be closed to vehicles for short periods of time. (Photos by Alain Thain, Charlie Summers, and Max Orxard)

Red Crab Migration, Christmas Island, Australia (coconut crab in foreground)

“Fresh from teh morning by Andre_Villeneuve ”

Waiting patiently for his turn.....

Bird wants squirrel to share – The squirrel finds a piece of bread and it heads up to a branch. While eating a little bird arrives and asks if the squirrel is willing to share.

Animal Tracks: Jan. 16 - 23- slideshow - slide - 12 - TODAY.com

Animal Tracks: Jan. 16 - 23

El AMOR es el motor que mueve el mundo, la FAMILIA permanece unida por amor, a los buenos AMIGOS los queremos como hermanos, estamos locos de amor por nuestra PAREJA..

I think they mate for life. this is so cute. It looks like they are holding hands.



Don't say a word, woke up on the wrong side of the tree!!

Orangutan baby's bad hair day, reminds me of me when I wake up in the morning!


A little super hero! I want to save someone call me. I am a little super hero and my name is super dog!


FUNNY PICTURES AND MORE I missed the picture dump Friday. I was just so hungover. I'm actually still hungover and every key I touch on the