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I'm really excited for Luciana because she's going to be that crazy wild girl that's more wolf than human and it's going to be amazing

Simple twist of fate

Details here: [link] My take on "Little Red Riding hood". *Beautiful model used as reference for Red is Jessica. Thank you so much sweetheart! Enchantment Of the Wolf


Wolf - Dreams Of Peace Art Poster/Print Poster

While I sleep Catch my dreams In your soft embrace And let them fall gently Covering me with infinite grace While I sleep Carry my dreams To the moon and far above In the howl and heart of a wolf With peace and love. Wolf-Dreams Of Peace prose by Carol C

SOME ADULT DISNEY UP IN HERE (omfg I like the innocent ones better)

unique Disney Tattoo - J. Scott Campbell Draws Naughty Disney Princesses by AislingH.

Shift Half-Mooner She wants to become a fighter but she adores Bella's healing powers She hasn't been assigned a mentor yet. She us thoughtful and patient.

A promotional sticker created for the 2015 Werewolf Calendar. You might be able to get one for free when pre-orders open up for the new calendar! If you haven't seen the Werewolf Calendar bef.

Little red riding hood

Little red riding hood and big bad wolf wip - Gorgeous Illustrations by Gracjana Zielińska

I swim with the sharks, despite being an orca, haha. óÓÒò

Running with wolves, flying with the birds, and swimming with sharks. We will all stick together Furry Pride