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Incredibly beautiful and powerful grave stone. Imagine the joy of the child who, confined to a chair in this life, crosses over and is lifted from that seat, free to run, play and go anywhere he wants, with no limitations!
Birth: 	Apr. 25, 1930  Death: 	Jan. 12, 1987  This beautiful sculpture is called "Asleep" and was created by artist Peter Shipperheyn upon request by Mr. Matheson's widow. For a story of how he knew Laurence Matheson and came to create the sculpture, go to this site.  http://www.peterschipperheyn.com/asleep.htm
Highgate cemetery in North London, a few miles from Hampstead Heath.

Harry William Thornton, a pianist who held the record of continuous piano playing: 21 hours, 17 minutes and 56 seconds! Note that accordingly, his tomb is piano shaped
What does this gravestone's inscription mean?
One of my favorite grave monuments in the world:  Grim Reaper in the English Cemetery, Florence, Italy