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Robert Cornelius tomó esta foto fuera de la tienda propiedad de su familia. Se hizo famoso por ser el primer auto-retrato o ahora comúnmente conocido como “selfie.”

Estas 29 Fotos Del Pasado Son Impresionantes Y Divertidas. Es Increíble Como Algunas Cosas Han Cambiado

Philadelphia, November "Robert Cornelius, self-portrait The first light-picture ever taken. this quarter-plate daguerreotype is said to be the earliest photographic portrait of a person.

1800 Black Cherokee Princess

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Tollund Man is a naturally mummified corpse of a man who lived during the century BC, during the period characterised in Scandinavia as the Pre-Roman Iron Age. He was found in 1950 on the Jutland Peninsula in Denmark, buried in a peat bog.

Nancy Wake. Born in Australia. Joined the French Resistance during WWII. The Gestapo called her the "White Mouse" and put a 5 million franc bounty on her head.

Nancy Wake, ‘White Mouse’ of World War II. The Gestapo called her “The White Mouse” for the way she deftly avoided their traps. Nancy Wake, was one of the most effective and cunning British agents working in German-occupied France during World War II.

歴史的な写真を見て、時空を超えてタイムスリップしよう!(写真40枚 ...

Glimpse Into Our Amazing Past With These Historic Photos - BuzzLamp Man testing football helmet prototype in 1912

concept-of-karma:    “A three second exposure meant that subjects had to stand very still to avoid being blurred, and holding a smile for that period was tricky. As a result, we have a tendency to see our Victorian ancestors as even more formal and stern than they might have been.”

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Behind The Scenes Of National Geographic- love the guy trying to end his life with the camera before the bear can.

A rare vintage photograph of an onna-bugeisha, one of the female warriors of the…

Rare photograph of an Onna-bugeisha, female warriors of the upper social classes in feudal Japan. Often mistakenly referred to as “female samurai”, female warriors have a long history in Japan, beginning long before samurai emerged as a warrior class.