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DIY photography table top light studio. Complete step-by-step instructions. Take better pictures to share art projects. The perfect set up for photographing smaller items. Portable and easy to fold up and store.

Great DIY strip light box!

How to make a light box to take great product photographs

Shopping list You really don’t need a great deal of equipment to get going with ink drop photography. As with any specialist technique you can spend a fortune on a flashy kit, but before you lay out hundreds of pounds on macro lenses why not take a trial run first? You’ll need: a selection of different coloured inks a medicine dropper or pipette a fish tank or a large glass container a large piece of white paper or a soft box a strong light a camera with manual focus manually operated…

DIY Photo Light Box - a finish fifty project

How to make a light box to take better photos of your projects! flax & twine: DIY

Building Your Own Inexpensive Studio For Your Food Photography

35 Examples Of Stunning Macro Photography

Easy, cheap diy photography light box. Fast to put together and gives beautiful, soft light for small still life and product photography shots - strobist style. I've even used this with a standard desk lamp and no shade. Fun, low cost way to experiment with light.

DIY Photography Light Box

If you are a blogger on a budget, like we are over here on Katscript, you try to cut cost wherever you can. As fairly new bloggers, we are trying to improve some of our cringe worthy photos posted here on the blog.