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As ladies’ hats grew wider and increasingly plate-like during the 1890s, crowns and brims were literally heaped with complex arrangements of bows, flowers and plumage – so much so that it is difficult to find an image of a fashionable late-Victorian hat that doesn’t feature feathers, wings or a whole bird.

Capa, Opera Emile Pingat (francés, activo desde 1860 hasta 1896) 1882 Cultura: Francés. Material: seda, pieles, plumas, metal. Dimensiones: 41 pulg (104,1 cm)

1808:  The jockey caps are back (they likely didn't disappear, I just don't have an 1807 fashion plate with them), more colorful and intricate than before.  Then crowns start getting deeper and the cap-like hats can be brimless, with front brims, or with all-around brims