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I know you're ashamed of your Dark Mark, and you probably won't even listen to me, but it's not as if it makes your person. My mum's got the word mudblood on her arm, but she doesn't let the past drown her.

My Chemical Romance.., true... I fell in love with MCR like you fall asleep... Slowly, then all at once. (Yes I quoted TFIOS XD)

I don't self harm.... It's so sad to see people self harm, I know what it's like to be sad, depressed, I know! If you guys need to talk go to my Facebook page (I'll post a pin about the page), you can always talk to me! I've never judged or been mean to anyone!

Bryan Adams--"Those Were The Best Days of my Life" one of my all-time favorite songs! Feels good to sing it at any time.

This is exactly how I feel day in day out, but I try my hardest to push it aside and smile. I think that's the hardest thing, faking it

So true! A song like, Out of my mind by NF had been like that for me. Song lyrics can be an amazing encouragement and let you know you're not alone! They can also say things to you that no one else ever does. Music truly is a great gift from God!