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Keep cup - reusable espresso cups

Keep cup - reusable espresso cups

Snapping Paper Towel Set - Reusable, Eco-Friendly - CHOOSE YOUR PRINT - Cotton and Terry Cloth. $52.00, via Etsy.

Unpaper Towels | Reusable Paper Towel Seed Packets Tree Saver Towel | Kitchen Towel | Snapping Cloth Paperless Towel

Reusable, snapping "paper" towels are made of cotton front with terry cloth backing. Machine washable and dryer-safe.

Reusable beeswax wrap

HoneyBee wraps are a natural, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic wraps and are perfect for everything from storing cheese to transporting sandwiches.

Reusable Dry Erase Pockets, 6 x 9, Assorted Primary Colors, 10/Pack

C-Line Reusable Assorted Primary Colours 9 x 12 Dry Erase Pockets

Reusable Dry Erase Pockets - 6 x 9 Single, Assorted Primary Color

These 3 plastic wrap alternatives make it possible to prep and store food ahead of time without the plastic clingy stuff. Sustainable food storage for all!

3 eco-friendly plastic wrap alternatives

Greensacks - reusable produce bags

Reusable produce bags to replace the small single use plastic bags used for fruit and veggies. Produce bags that are eco friendly and green, by Greensacks in Melbourne.

Say Good-Bye To Plastic Wrap: DIY Reusable Cling Wrap...http://homestead-and-survival.com/say-good-bye-to-plastic-wrap-diy-reusable-cling-wrap/

DIY Reusable Food Wrap - I'm not a fan of plastic! So what can you do when your glass containers are all full and you just need to wrap something up quickly? Try this reusable food wrap!

DIY Adorable Sandwich Bags

DIY Adorable Sandwich Bags

DIY Adorable Sandwich Bags: Cut down on waste and DIY reusable bags that are so easy to make and look adorable holding your sandwich.

The Swag Produce Storage -   Are you sick of throwing out wasted fruit & veg? This unique three-layer fresh produce storage bag keeps fruit and vegetables fresher for longer.  Breathable, non toxic and machine-washable to help you save waste and money.  Each layer of the Swag plays a significant role in keeping produce fresher for longer, allowing them to breathe and hydrate at their own pace.  Set of 4 bags.

It was a long four year journey to manifest this product into reality - The Swag is a unique, reusable, fresh produce storage bag that keeps fruit & veggies…