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Explore Mm C G Tektites Meteorites, Libyan Desert and more!

Rare Libyan Desert Tektite - The Extraterrestrial Stone for moving between worlds

°Rare Libyan Desert Tektite ~ The Extraterrestrial by TheSageGoddess

Love Attraction Crystal Grid - Complete Gridding Set for manifesting the Sacred Union

Love Attraction Crystal Grid by TheSageGoddess

Tumbled Septarian palm stone - Shamanic wisdom, invisibility magic, connecting to your ancient self - Earth energy, all chakras

Septarian large polished stones Shamanic wisdom by TheSageGoddess, $15.00

Orange Kyanite blade - Stone of detoxification and lower chakra alignment by TheSageGoddess on Etsy

Rose Pink Rhodochrosite, CO

Ochoco Agate This beautiful agate, is from Brazil. The Farmers of Brazil, find these agates as they are working their ground. The Druzy, are fully terminate quartz crystal points. So the agate has a tremendous amout of FIRE!

Red Spessartine Garnet Natural Gemstone Crystal, Display it or Wear it, Wire Wrap Gem Talisman, Loose Unset Tiny Jewel, Thumbnail Mineral

Red Spessartine Garnet Natural Etched Crystal by FenderMinerals on Etsy

Bisbee Banded Azurite #gems #gem #metals #metal #rocks #rock #crystals #crystal #quartz #minerals #mineral

Spirit Smoky Quartz Crystal, South Africa - Mineral Specimen

Spirit Smoky Quartz Crystal South Africa Mineral by BandLMinerals

Reiki Crystal Grid Energy Healing Therapy Long by CrystalCreekGem, $33.00