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Featured A4 paper sticks color cardboard paper-cut embossed paper 20 kindergarten diy handmade paper confetti

Like the bottom design. Would be so cute in a craft room. Could buy the wooden ones and paint them for a splash of color. {DIY Paper Sorter or classroom mailboxes} from stacked IKEA Cardboard Magazine files. Just tape together with packing or duct tape.

10 Creative Ideas For Reusing Toilet Paper Tubes

Keeping Craft supplies...10 Creative Ideas For Reusing Toilet Paper Tubes, did this but used Talenti ice cream containers;)

Rey's Staff: How to make Rey's Star Wars Costume Part 2

Part 2. How to make Rey's Staff from Star Wars the Force Awakens on a budget. I used plumbing supplies, cardboard, telephone cable and spray paint. Click through for complete DIY Tutorial and Video Vlog for more information. See Maflingo for part 1. Rey's Clothes and Hair.

Mini Abacus - cardboard (slots on sides) + yarn + beads. Would it be better with 5 blue beads & 5 yellow beads? (which math program?)

11 Nifty New Uses for Plastic Water Bottles

Give markers, colored pencils, and crayons a travel-friendly container (not like those cardboard boxes that tear and fall apart). The bottle exterior gives it structure, while colorful zippers makes it sealable. Get the tutorial at Make It & Love It » -