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Check the Technique: Liner Notes for Hip-Hop Junkies (2007; 528 pages) Insightful, raucous, and addictive, Check the Technique transports you back to hip-hop’s golden age with the greatest artists of the ’80s and ’90s. This is the book that belongs on the stacks next to your wax. Get it here: http://hiphopgoldenage.wordpress.com/2013/08/19/essential-reading-check-the-technique-liner-notes-for-hip-hop-junkies/

Ego Trip’s Book of Rap Lists - Hip hop is huge, and it’s time someone wrote it all down. And got it all right. With over 25 years of interviews, and virtually every hip hop single, remix & album ever recorded at their disposal, the highly respected Ego Trip staff are the ones to do it. This is an exhaustive, indispensable and completely irreverant bible of true hip hip knowledge. Get it here: http://hiphopgoldenage.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/essential-reading-ego-trips-book-of-rap-lists/

Forged in the fires of the Bronx and Kingston, Jamaica, hip-hop has been a generation-defining global movement which forever transformed politics and culture. But the epic story of how that happened has never been fully told . . . until now. Get it here: http://hiphopgoldenage.wordpress.com/2013/08/08/essential-reading-cant-stop-wont-stop-a-history-of-the-hip-hop-generation/

"The Wu-Tang Clan and RZA: A Trip Through Hip Hop’s 36 Chambers" chronicles the rise of the Wu-Tang Clan from an underground supergroup to a globally recognized musical conglomerate. Enhanced by the author’s one-on-one interviews with group members, this book covers the entire Wu-Tang Clan catalog of studio albums, [...]. Get it here: http://hiphopgoldenage.wordpress.com/the-wu-tang-clan-and-rza-a-trip-through-hip-hops-36-chambers/

Some of the books every young black woman should read. And if you're older and haven't checked out these reads yet, please do!

F. Scott Fitzgerald on Mastering the Muse and How This Side of Paradise Was Born -- great insight for any aspiring novelist

May 22, 1938: Mary J. Coyle loaded a book cart deep in the stacks of the Boston Public Library to carry the book freight to the delivery desk using the library's interior electric railway system. Tiny cars with a capacity of about a dozen books each ran constantly from the depths of the stacks to the circulation desk in response to slips from patrons which were electrically dispatched from the desk. Boston Globe Archives |

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