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Bake for Happy Kids: Thousand Layer Flaky Swirl Yam / Taro Mooncake (with custard filling) 千层芋泥月饼

Purple sweet potato filling for mooncakes or mochi

This savory mooncakes recipe is a version of a popular meat-filled mooncake prized in Shanghai. You don't need any special equipment to make them at home.

Mooncake Fillings: Durian Fillings (榴莲月饼馅)

A non-bake mooncake, these fragrant pandan snow skin mooncakes are filled with creamy custard, pandan lotus paste and salted egg yolk.

A fine and smooth, sweet mung bean or green bean paste, in butter flavour. It can be used as a filling for either bread or mooncakes :) Yiel...

Pandan Snow Skin Mooncakes with Coconut Mung Bean Filling

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