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Faenya by Arrow-Quivershaft on DeviantArt

My first picture of Thenyr's goddess Faenya, along with her holy relics, the Stormbringer javelin and an unnamed golden egg. Drawn by Faenya

The only thing I need... by Arrow-Quivershaft

by Arrow-Quivershaft

Annoying Start by Atalhlla by Arrow-Quivershaft on DeviantArt

I *HATE* it when the first click in a minesweeper game is surrounded entirely by mines or is in some other way useless information. So of course Arrow d. Annoying Start by Atalhlla

King Pidgeot by Tacimur on DeviantArt

King Pidgeot by Tacimur on DeviantArt

Alarus as a Priest by Heatherbeast on DeviantArt

This would be Alarus, the bald eagle head minister of the BDSM organization. Alarus as a Priest

Falcon in Acrylic by sebastiangreyfox.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Falcon in Acrylic by sebastiangreyfox

Anthro LXI by charcoal-almighty.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Anthro LXI by charcoal-almighty

Charstudy - Fidil by GaiasAngel on DeviantArt

Charstudy - Fidil by GaiasAngel