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Sich Freuen An - 05 november 2015

When you pray, be sure that you listen as well as talk. You have things you want to say to God, but He also has things he wants to say to you. – Joyce Meyer

Sich Freuen An - 09 november 2015

Sich Freuen An - 06 november 2015

Sich Freuen An - 08 november 2015

Sich Freuen An - 07 november 2015

What determines the fruitfulness of your suffering is your acceptance of it, your attitude and behaviour when faced with it. #jesus #mercy

You can discover the great Mercy of God only by agreeing to be totally forgiven in the smallest details of your failings. #jesus #mercy

In Momenten von Sorgen und Ängsten erinnere dich und wiederhole dir: “Weil die Liebe mich liebt, werde ich Liebe”. #jesus #liebe