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Distractify | The 11 Most Epic Texting Pranks Of All Time

Laughing so hard I'm crying: The 9 Most Epic Texting Pranks Of All Time

Absolutely addicted to this dang game!!!!

The most awesome images on the Internet

ok is not an acceptable word in digital scrabble. Ok – Oh the irony!

This seems like something I would say while the other person is trying to be sincere... Oh well. Haha.

probably a bigger message here, but I just like how the reply completely ignores the guy's feelings. (and yes, I'm assuming it's the guy who can't spell)

10 School Teacher Resume Writing Tips to Ensure You Shows Your Value

run forrest run

Run Forest Run - Running Tree with Roots for Legs ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fails

Honest: This primary school pupil was very realistic about his artistic talents

Well, at least they tried! The most hilarious wrong homework answers

Funny pictures about Oreo Bar Code Tattoo Idea. Oh, and cool pics about Oreo Bar Code Tattoo Idea. Also, Oreo Bar Code Tattoo Idea photos.

Twister fail - http://jokideo.com/twister-fail/

Funny pictures about Right foot red. Oh, and cool pics about Right foot red. Also, Right foot red.

To all those against vaccination

Funny pictures about Missing Her Vaccinations? Oh, and cool pics about Missing Her Vaccinations? Also, Missing Her Vaccinations?

Truth: am sure AH is sick of listening to me tell her "because I am the mom, thats why." :)

Funny Family Ecard: I am your mother. Your argument is invalid. : this is so my mom