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Copyright© Jena DellaGrottaglia-Maldonado 2008 changing, tubing, cropping, copyrighting, stealing my work is not only against the law but unethical. the resting tree

The Wishing Tree signboard on one of the props in the foyer, for guests to write their well wishes for the couple.

.: Her Secret Place :. by ~Pure-Poison89 on deviantART

: Her Secret Place :. by on deviantART ccc☼→jj∞jjjjjjjjj∞jj∞jjjjjjjjj∞jj∞jjjjjjjjj∞jj∞jjjjjjjjj∞jj∞jjjjjjjjj∞jj∞jjjjjjjjj∞jj∞jjjjjjjjj∞jj∞jjjjjjjjj∞jj∞jjjjjjjjj∞jj∞jjjjjjjjj∞jj∞jjjjjjjjj∞jj∞jjjjjjjjj∞jj∞jjjjjjjjj∞jj∞jjjjjjjjj∞jj∞jjjjjjjjj∞→:)

Don't put out a fairy house unless you actually want them to appear. So many have failed to heed this advice and have ended up with the little pests buzzing around all over the garden.

Elves Faeries Gnomes: A Faery treehouse that hangs from a branch.

A porta mágica  E se você por um instante tapasse os ouvidos para o mundo, fechasse os olhos e se permitisse olhar pra dentro de si mesmo?  E se você parasse de ouvir as vozes de fora e ouvisse o seu coração? Ah, nada como um instante de solidão para por em ordem seus pensamentos, organizar seus desejos, parar pra pensar no quer e no que realmente precisa! "Mas não há tempo, minha vida é tão corrida! Trabalho, faculdade, filhos, cuidar da casa..."  Tem mais no site...

And if you find a magic key, that open a secret and mysterious door and leads you to a fantasy world.

Druids Trees:  "The Wild Seed, Spirit #Tree Woman with Crow," by Debra Bernier - interactive sculpture.

The Wild Seed, Spirit Tree Woman with Crow

The Wild Seed, Spirit Tree Woman with Crow - Debra Bernier - interactive sculpture. This could make an excellent 5 - 8 week art therapy invitation for women.


Clairyon Call by Susan Schroder - Mythic Fantasy Fairy Art Print