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Critics and viewers have been raving about Marvel’s new offering on Netflix, the noir-ish Jessica Jones; the youngest tomboy comic character of Marvel’s superhero canon, this brutally dark and haunting series has tipped the critics scales on how moody, brooding comic book characters should be executed onscreen. We discuss what made the series such an amazing piece of work.  #marvel #jessicajones #netflix #badasswomen #geekgirl #tomboy #tomboygeek


Pin for Later: Why Jessica Jones Has the Best Wardrobe on TV She'll Also Wear a Hoodie Underneath

She'll Also Wear a Hoodie Underneath

Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones filming Marvel / Netflix's 'Jessica. News Photo

Marvel's 'Jessica Jones' tormented in new Netflix trailer

Marvel's 'Jessica Jones' tormented in new Netflix trailer

Promising "Jessica Jones" Trailer Suggests Show Could Bring MCU To New Depths, Heights - By exploring a character's trauma and anxiety, "Jessica Jones" could tell Marvel's most meaningful story yet.

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The Purple Man: David Tennant as Dr Killgrave in Marvel's Jessica Jones. 'In the original comic book his entire body was a vivid shade of aubergine'

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Midtown High student Jessica Campbell goes to school with Peter Parker and when he is bitten by the irradiated spider which gave him his radioactive powers