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James Bond Moonraker Australia, 1979 - original vintage cinema poster by Dan Goozee for the 007 James Bond movie starring Roger Moore, Lois Chiles (Holly Goodhead), Michael Lonsdale (Hugo Drax) and Richard Kiel (Jaws), listed on

Hugo Drax (Michael Lonsdale) Moonraker 1979 Scheme: Billionaire Drax plans to wipe out the entire human race with a toxin launched from his cloaked space station. where he waits with a pre-selected group of "perfect" humans. When the toxin dissipates, the humans will repopulate the earth with Drax as leader. How He Dies: Bond hides on a shuttle bound for the space station. In the ensuing battle, Bond shoots Drax with a poison dart and ejects him into space through an air lock.

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Moonraker is the 11th film in the James Bond series so Michael Lonsdale had a lot to live up to as a Bond villain. Hugo Drax was an industrialist who plans to poison all humans on earth, then repopulate the planet from his space station. As if that plan wasn't already evil enough, Hugo explained this man-made apocalypse with a scowl and a bear. Terrifying.