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THE undisputed king of wildlife television, Sir David Attenborough’s marvellous TV career has introduced generations to the wonders of the natural world for more than 60 years.

Sir David Attenborough at the Melbourne Zoo meeting a Phasmid or Lord Howe Island Stick Insect, thought to have been extinct.

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PP - "Sir David Attenborough is my absolute idol. This year I will see him when he visits Sydney to present his Life on Earth Tour. The day I see him is the day I cross off my bucket list seeing my hero speak.

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My survival secret? Red wine and Mars bars... Sir David Attenborough reveals how he keeps going

Sir David Attenborough with a King penguin chick - the second largest penguin - in St Andrews Bay, South Georgia

what our body is made of

Throwback Thursday: An Atom in the Universe

jtotheizzoe: “ via scinerds: “ Our bodies are comprised of a vast array of elements, with oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen remaining the most abundant. But there are many other chemical elements.

Sir David Attenborough,  English broadcaster and naturalist

Sir David Attenborough - English broadcaster and naturalist. Photo for the RadioTimes by Nadav Kander.

Sir David Attenborough. I could listen to this man talk about anything, all day, every day.

Sir David Attenborough has announced that a Butterfly Survival Zone is to be set up in Co Fermanagh in a bid to halt the decline of one of Europe’s most endangered species.