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Fighter Knight Cavalier Armor - Pathfinder PFRPG DND D&D d20 fantasy

That's Just Cool: European knights had the coolest armor of all, with the possible exception of the samurai. When I was in high school I practiced my drawing skills by sketching fully armored knights.

Thranduil's "leather feather" armour from "The Hobbit". - WOAH THIS IS SO COOL I DIDN'T KNOW IT LOOKED LIKE WINGS!!!

Thranduil's "leather feather" armour from "The Hobbit". LOTR armour is always incredibly detailed and well thought out.

A great diagram I found on tumblr. I pieced all the panels together but the art is not mine.

Art is not mine. This is great for everyone out there like me writing medieval or fantasy stories

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The Armor of the Paladins of the Aster looked like Silver and Gold, and when Light hit them, it was Blinding.

RAWR - Prince of Persia - Prince

Prince of Persia - Claw Gloves