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Artist Travis Louie created these wonderful paintings of Victorian characters and their mythical pets for his upcoming show “The Secret Pet Society” at the William Baczek Fine Arts gallery in Northampton, Massachusetts, May 2 through June

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By Travis Louie, contemporary American artist

Terry Fan #starwars #illustration

Terry Fan

Chancellor Chewman Art Print by Terry Fan


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Resultado de imagen de TRAVIS LOUIE

Miss K and Her Jackalope, 2014 ~ Travis Louie

12 Misunderstood Monsters - Travis Louie - My Modern Metropolis

12 Misunderstood Monsters - Travis Louie

"Eunice" Just after the Potato Famine of the Eunice pulled herself out fo the field and headed toward America. She was interested in finding a new man.

Love Graham Francoise

Beauty and the Beast - Graham Franciose - Various Sizes

Beauty and the Beast - Graham Franciose - (Austin, TX)

Adorable mouse.

Adorable mouse.


Travis Louie - Bill - 5 x 7 inches acrylic on board - Bill spends most of his time hiding under other people's beds. When he does not shower, he smells like marshmellows.

Travis LOUIE

Travis LOUIE

Phyllis Ada Driver (July 17, 1917 – August 20, 2012), better known as Phyllis Diller. Known for her eccentric stage persona and her wild hair and clothes... A bad fall resulted in her being hospitalized for neurological tests and pacemaker replacement in 2005. Phyllis Diller died of natural causes at age 95 in 2012, and was cremated.

Phyllis Diller - Celebrity photos, biographies and

Travis Louie

"The Great Woolly Krampus" He sneaks up on his victims and kisses them full on the lips. The magical kiss promotes an amazing amount of hair growth. Often, the affliction covers the entire body with hair, much like cousin it from the Addams Family.

An okapi drawing from somebody.

An okapi drawing


This makes me furiously happy.

Illustrations by Anton Semenov | http://www.123inspiration.com/illustrations-by-anton-semenov/

Illustrations by Anton Semenov

Gloom — worx - Gloom for homies and fams Anton Semenov. Anton is a digital illustrator based somewhere in Russia and his creepy but definitely cool parallel universe, probably, called GloomNiverse.

'in Endgame, giant inflatable clown heads are stuck between two buildings over an alley'..Max Streicher by rosanne maccormick-keen, via Flickr

'in Endgame, giant inflatable clown heads are stuck between two buildings over an alley'.