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Decameron: Tale 72. The priest of Varlungo lies with Monna Belcolore: he leaves with her his cloak by way of pledge, and receives from her a mortar. He returns the mortar, and demands of her the cloak that he had left in pledge, which the good lady returns him with a gibe.

Titre: An ancient Syriac manuscript showing the Jericho labyrinth Lieu de conservation: Library of Beirut, Lebanon

Carlo Crivelli. Saint George and the Dragon. 1470. Berenson described it to Mrs. Gardner as "more woderful than any Japanese lacquer... drawn as if by lightning" before he bought it for her in 1897. Though little is known of Saint George, who is here portrayed as a medieval knight, his traditional role is dragon slayer and protector of a virgin. He is the patron saint of England. He was martyred in Palestine probably before the time of Constantine.

Missal, Italian, It was made sometime between 1389 and 1404, the year in which he was elevated to the papacy as Innocent VII. A missal contains all the texts used for celebrating Mass, including all the chants sung by the choir but without musical notation. Only the musically elaborate portions sung by the celebrating priest are supplied with notation, suggesting that this book was designed to be used by the cardinal himself at the altar as he celebrated Mass.

Medieval Cat -- Lutrell Psalter, f°190r (detail), 1320-1340 "It knows I'm only playing"

June - Sheep shearing Da Costa hours [1515 ] Juni Schafschur

Luttrell Psalter, England ca. 1325-1340 (British Library, Add 42130, fol. 196r)

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