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Alxandro on Twitter: "@RaHa762 @DrottM @PoliticalAnt @rjoseph7777 @AnnBedge @WhiteHouse Oh dear, here comes the race card. http://t.co/gJLHIyx2p4"

I want to say this is inspirational but while I sit/awkwardly balance here, barely able to put pressure on one hip/arse cheek and struggling to stay awake I think of all the pressure, anxiety and lies I have been put through only to be let down and denied help at every opportunity and I'm not sure this is what the country is anymore!!

"As long as the general population is passive, apathetic ... then the powerful can do as they please" -Noam Chomsky

This is the real statistics that I've been trying to map and my head, whenever i think why isn't everybody aware of this already.

White Supremacy | Racism and I know not all white people take after their ancestors but there are a lot that do

Don't allow the government to bully you. You do what you need to do to survive! They are the ones that are going to burn in hell. Trust and believe that.

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