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Alxandro on

Alxandro on Twitter: "@RaHa762 @DrottM @PoliticalAnt @rjoseph7777 @AnnBedge @WhiteHouse Oh dear, here comes the race card."

"All lives didn't matter until Black people started loving themselves" #BlackLivesMatter Photo credit: Paradisoooo, on Tumblr (

#VenusHotWife7⃣2⃣K on

now white kids are being forced to listen to white privilege nonsense in colleges, schools and the military. pure racism against whites due to Obama and his "power" over all federal agencies.

Omfg..... I swear I hate that some black people are in this mental state. #StockholmSyndrome…

PM Netanyahu's Speech at AIPAC 2015 | Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Speech at AIPAC 2015 Policy Conference. [03.02.15]

Trump, Carson, Fiorina May Not Get On Illinois Ballot Due To Establishment Biased “Daunting” Process | 10.2.15 |"It appears that the good old boy GOP establishment is unified in opposition to Mr. Trump, his colleagues or any outsiders & has structured a system geared towards excluding them if possible. It’s a tough process for party outsiders, but for insiders like Hussein O, it’s a slam dunk. He didn’t even have to show identification."