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When they are gone, when every last life has been stolen, how will you remember them? Extinction is forever.

Women against feminism are actually saying "I don't care about the women in Saudi Arabia who are beaten and branded and burned with acid, I don't care about the babies in China who were "accidentally" aborted because they were female, I don't care about the FIVE year old who was raped to death by her father in India because I have my rights and my privilege so they aren't my problem."

We need to look out for each other, especially when these same "good men" are the ones telling us, "I wouldn't do that to you, you shouldn't be complaining about harassment on the streets." Your gut will know a good man; they're real, and they won't ignore your fears about being harassed and stalked by other men.

Animals deserve the same rights, freedoms and respect that humans are allowed, and because they cannot fight for it themselves, we should fight for them. I've pinned you before :-( OH how I'd LOVE to help you :-( I'd give them my hair

It really Hurts me.. I came out..."it's just a phase" "you'll grow out of it" a few months later (I wear "boys" clothes(?) "Im fucking tired of you wearing boys clothes, they don't fit for a reason" (I kept wearing them though) "clue in crazy your a girl, and you'll never change that"

If a woman was sat here and a bloke had locked her in a flat and she'd been forced to jump out you would not be laughing. || Protect all genders from domestic violence because all genders are equally important

I love how they're all like "fight me" or "how dare you," but then there's Tony getting mad and also making it a joke about Steve's age. "It's not nice to insult senior citizens."

Life matters Volunteering will change Your Life and the ones of others! Come and join us in Kenya! :)

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