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Algerian Tirallieur. The traditional light blue uniform and red fez suggests this photo was either taken early in the war or later but at a far distance from the front lines.

Nadar (French, 1820–1910). [Self Portrait in American Indian Costume], 1863. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gilman Collection, Purchase, Harriette and Noel Levine Gift, 2005 (2005.100.267) #mustache #movember

Josephine Baker in the uniform of the Women's Auxiliary of the Free French Air Force. By the autumn of 1944 she had raised 3,143,000F for the French war effort and was awarded the honorary rank of sub-lieutenant in the Ladies Auxiliary of the Free French Air Force, Les Filles De L'Air. She gained her pilot license in 1933! Photographed at the Savoy Hotel, London April 1945 ~

A free French legionnaire is drinking near Bir Hakeim, 1942. Water supplies was a huge concern in this desert in the middle of nowhere.

Char B1 tank No 350 The crew of the French Char B1 tank No. 350 named Fleurie. In the Centre of Sergeant-Chef Jacques Dumay killed in June 15, 1940 at Montsuzain. Adutant Levasseur was killed in June 12, 1940 at Murmelon . #worldwar2 #tanks

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