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Birthday cake done with less than 24 hours notice and only given a song to go by.

<em> These Amazing CheesecakeBrownies are flourless, low carb, sugar free, gluten free and grain free! </em> It’s July!! I can’t even believe how fast the summer is flying by since school finished. Right now we are all about pool parties and easy food and treats to enjoy fun times with family and friends. What my kids love most is brownies. And cheesecake. So I married them and made these! This year I’...

This Chugga Choo was made for Daniel's 2nd. birthday and did travel well. The cake drooped a little by the time I drove 3 hours in the car. The kids loved it anyway and didn't seem to notice.

"Urgent Double celebration "... I was asked to make a cake for a joint home birthday celebration with 24 hours notice- this is what I came up with, bottom tier white chocolate mud and top tier Mississippi Mud.

This recipe sounds amazing. This is happening this weekend. - Update, I'm deleting all my other chocolate cookie recipes. This one is the bomb. I baked a batch about 3 hours after I mixed the dough...pretty good. I baked a batch after 24 hours...AMAZING! I baked the rest after 48 hours, I didn't notice a difference. Why wait an extra 24 hours for chocolately gooey goodness!?

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