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A Singular Destiny

Star Trek: The Next Generation Rewatch: “Coming of Age”

A blog about my love of art and geek pop culture, mixing science fiction and fantasy with movies, gaming, comics.

geekynerfherder: “ ‘Star Trek Anniversary’ by Tsuneo Sanda ”

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And harry potter.Always.<<<<

And harry potter.<<<<<and hunger games ❤️<<<<<never Percy Jackson, Lord of the Rings when you have nothing to do, sometimes Hunger Games, and we shall watch Harry Potter to the very end.

Arrow-class runabout fan design by Malcolm Lu and Andrew Gillespie

Just another hull shape that is pleasing and effective This would definitely be an central in-board main drive unit. Honestly, that wouldn't be so bad. Could just as easily go with an in-board cluster of 4 engines as a larger single.

Ishara Yar

The Most Beautiful Women to Appear on Star Trek

The hottest women in the history of the Star Trek franchise. These sexy Star Trek girls are the hottest in the universe.

A sequel to the "Doomsday vs Deathstar" picture. Another TrekWARS crossover with "Borg vs Deathstar".

Probably in my top three reasons for Star Trek Universe > Star Wars Universe…

This is my second go at a redesign of the Scimitar class Warbird from the Star Trek universe. I'm a fan of the Star Trek Online game and as they are currently redesigning older ships with updated styles and more powerful stats I wanted to try my hand at an upgraded Scimitar. My last attempt is quite old now and I wanted to try something a bit more angry looking, the concept behind this design is that it's partly based on Borg technology.

Some time ago I was commissioned to create a modified version of the Star Trek ship USS Nova.