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Fetchnotes is said as an easiest way to keep track of all things and collaborate instantly to make you in sync with the people.

Encouraging a Team Working Environment- Updated

A little encouragement for teamwork! Everyone can use this for a breather at times and as a reference to ways to build a team environment!

[Infographic] 34 Undeniable Benefits Of Using A Virtual Assistant

34 Undeniable Benefits Of Using A Virtual Assistant. administration, business support, collaborate, investment, outsource, overworked, productivity, revenue, small business, time management, Virtual Assistant

I argue against assigning judgmental (and possibly disrespectful) labels to stakeholder in my book The Influencer Agenda. But that part aside, this graphic nicely captures some key principles underpinning your stakeholder engagement strategy development. Nice.

The Post-war Fate of Nazi Collaborators

Unattributed. Public domain. Grave, [North Brabant] The Netherlands. September 18, 1944. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration, College Park.