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Top 5 potentially habitable exoplanets

Top 5 potentially habitable exoplanets… slightly alarming we're looking for another planet so soon. Let's fix our home first before we go retail shopping shall we everyone? I'm willing to pick up a hammer and some trash!

Gliese 581g is one of the most Earth like planets detected in the habitable zone of its star

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Bumper Crop of Habitable Worlds Discovered?

Habitable planets Gliese 667C | shows one of three super-Earth exoplanet in orbit around Gliese 667c ...

Mystery noise could be an Earth-like world: Strange signals suggest habitable planet exists 22 light years away

The Gliese 581d planet is likely to be a rocky world, twice the size of Earth. Pictured is an artist's impression of the planetary orbits of the Gliese 581 system compared to those of our own solar system

Most Habitable. Credit: ESO One of the several planets within the Gliese 581 star system, called Gliese 581 d, may be one of the most potentially habitable alien worlds known. It is about 8 times the mass of Earth, and located in an orbit just right for liquid water to exist on the surface. Water is a key ingredient for life as we know it. Gliese 581 is a red dwarf star 20.5 light-years from Earth

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