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"Not that I agree with this, cause I don't, but I can seriously see James doing this just be embarrassing, in public" Why wouldn't you agree?? Little girls dress up as male superheroes all the time and that's perfectly normal, so why not this?

Some art prints I did for PopCon Asia 2014 & Japan's International Manga Convention 2014 Lineart by Thegerjoos (Instagram : @ thegerjoos)Color by BryanValenza (Instagram : @ bryan_valenza)

Damilyn looks amazing cosplaying her genderbent version of Batman! Nope, not Batwoman or Batgirl, it's femme Batman!

Catwoman Fille Huntress Affiliation Batman, Outsiders, Birds of Prey Alias The Cat, La Femme-Chat Apparus dans Catwoman Née en 1940