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BBC Family Discussion <---- sad but true, I don't watch Doctor Who, but Merlin and Sherlock.


All the Fandoms poster print (Doctor Who Harry Potter Star Trek Star Wars Supernatural Game of Thrones Hobbit Sherlock Avengers Battlestar Galactica) -- "One person can't feel all that at once, they'd explode!

PLEASE!!! I want a Mjolnir with a law degree on it

I'll bet you people would try harder to get their degree. Who doesn't want a Mjolnir of their own?-- I'm a Child Development Mjolnir, & I can guarantee that my future Kindergarten kids would love to see Thor's hammer with my degree on it.

Both Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss fit in here somewhere too....

((Let's just combine these shows into one, so that we can have WhoLock. And also, the Sherlock hiatus can FINALLY end.))>> Actually there is one difference it's that in Doctor Who there running from danger while in Sherlock There running to danger.

I have a theory where, in season one, the Daleks hid from the Doctor, Captain Jack and Rose. WHAT IF SOME OF THE GALLIFREYANS DID THE SAME?!?!?!

Time Lords are from Gallifrey. Gallifreyan describes species which are from the planet Gallifrey. This means that Time Lords are Gallifreyan.

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The difference between John Green and Steven Moffat--John Green has also said the he doesn't "kill" his characters, they just died, because that's what happens. While Moffat.murders his characters. ^^^^^ John: BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT PEOPLE DO!

"This isn't Six Flags, Kili."

This isn't Six Flags, Kili ≈Hobbit - Tolkien≈