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A map of early Indo-Iranian migration and the spread of Indo-Iranian languages…

Should Israel be made to move their boundaries to achieve peace?

CC Cycle 1 Week 3 Empire of David and Solomon BC. Mystery of History Volume Lessons 33

MAP ca. 150 CE. Kushan Empire. Kujula Kadphises united the disparate tribes in the 1st C. BCE wresting control of the area from the Scytho-Parthians, the Yuezhi moved south into the N.W. Indian known as Gandhara (now parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan) and established a capital near Kabul.

MAP ca. Kujula Kadphises united the disparate tribes in…

20 ways to slice the European continent from Yanko Tsvetkov's Atlas of Prejudice 2

Atlas de los prejuicios, 20 ways to slice the European continent from Atlas of Prejudice 2 by Yanko Tsvetkov.

1968 map of the Atlantic Ocean floor.

100 Years of National Geographic Maps, Atlantic Ocean Floor

Spanish and Portuguese arrival ended the isolation of the New World from other societies. A lot of Europeans and Africans settled in the Americas.

Map of the European colonisation of South America from 1525 to

Ethnic groups of the middle east #middleeast #map from  Gulf/2000 Project

Map of Middle East Ethnic Groups

Humanity's forgotten return to Africa revealed in DNA - life - 03 February 2014 - New Scientist

Humanity's forgotten return to Africa revealed in DNA. Now a study of southern African genes shows that, unexpectedly, another migration took western Eurasian DNA back to the very southern tip of the continent 3000 years ago.

Durante o movimento "renovacionista" da cultura celta, no século 19 e.c., muito foi dito e inventado sobre esse povo. O mito das nações celtas, que motivava um sentimento de "identidade cultural" nos países que se proclamaram parte desse grupo, é um exemplo. Sabe-se que essas nações são apenas uma parte do território onde sua cultura ficou bem preservada. Haviam celtas desde a Irlanda até a Turquia, e em todo lugar onde eles viveram há evidências de seu modo de vida.

Celtic map: Celts or Kelts were an ethno-linguistic group

ancient cultures of copper era

Map showing the extent of the Andronovo and BMAC cultures