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I Missed You – Something I Realized After You Left

It’s been three agonizing months. How I manage to go through those months, I have no idea. The funny thing is I’m not even aware that I’m slowly breaking into little pieces, carelessly letting the giant waves push me into the deepest and darkest part of the abyss. Or maybe I do but I just don’t care.

4mysquad: On the night of October 16 #Ricky Ball 26 was shot and killed by officers of the Columbus Police Department (CPD). Beyond this fact the official story is hotly disputed by family and community members who say that one cop had it out for Ricky and maliciously ended his life that night. There are several questionable circumstances surrounding the case which is now in the hands of the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI) and the FBI. The Free Thought Project has been in contact…

Town Hall article Before Democrats start to re-write history and play the race card for their own personal political gain, let's just be clear: It was the left -- not the right -- that took Susan Rice out.

The three Dalton brothers, disgruntled by the non-payment of wages, made a life-changing decision in 1890: they would become outlaws. And while they became pretty good at holding up trains, their downfall came in 1892 when they were caught robbing a bank in Coffeyville, Kansas. Grat and Bob Dalton were shot in the ensuing gun battle, while Emmet, who was shot 23 times and survived, went on to serve 14 years in jail.

Narro Reading of Man shot by cops is scion of powerful New York family Hes the scion of an influential New York family filled with bankers politicians and a federal judge. His great-grandmother is among the Big Apples legendary newspaper publishers late longtime Post owner Dorothy Dolly Schiff. But Patrick Allen chose a different path in life and was shot three times by cops on Staten Island on Thursday when a night of test-firing illegal guns with a buddy went horribly wrong. His mom owns…