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The Tonkinese has a reputation for being a feline innovator. Learn more about this cat breed:

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European Shorthair

Today, the European Shorthair may be the most common feline in Europe, and it may also be the oldest feline breed in continental Europe.

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British Shorthair

The oldest of all British cat breeds, The British Shorthair is an adaptable and calm breed. Read more about this cat breed here:

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Arabian Mau

The Arabian Mau is one of the oldest of all of the natural feline breeds.

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The Chausie is a hybrid feline breed, which means these domesticated cats are also part wild cat.

The Donskoy breed is a hairless Russian breed, not related to the more common Sphynx. While the Sphynx's hairlessness is a recessive gene, it's a dominant trait in the Donskoy. This Donskoy kitten seems satisfied.

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Aphrodite Giant

The Aphrodite Giant cat breed is one of two naturally occurring breeds from Cyprus.

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Australian Mist

The Australian Mist is a #Cat breed with a really great personality that any cat owner will love. Want to learn how much you have in common with this breed?