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Silver Skies - Washi Tape Sampler

Frosty Holiday Washi Tape Set - silvers and light blues make for a cool & bright holiday season! All U.S. Orders enjoy free shipping!

A Guide to Tipping Everyone This Holiday Season

Here is how much to give the people who help you out all year long.

Gilded Curls - Washi Tape Sampler

Christmas Joy Washi Tape Set - A selection of four beautiful, bold holiday colors and metallics. All U.S. orders enjoy free shipping!

Blue Bouquet - Washi Tape Sampler

Blue Bouquet - The star of this set is a cute blue flower-patterned tape, with coordinating color tapes to match.

Blue Green Burst - Washi Tape Sample Set

Neon Trip Washi Tape Sampler Set - Bright neon and black printed pattern with coordinating colored tapes.

That is it! I need another room or another complete floor on this house to do more Christmas. I have every surface covered with no more room!!!!

Word By Word - Washi Tape Sampler

Word By Word Washi Tape Sample Set - neutral tones and text lend a classic and understated tone to your planner

Birds of a Feather Washi Tape Set - Birds balance on a delicate wire, flanked by tape in matching colors.