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Oksko-Werkhnevolzsky chetyrekhugolnik - Меря — Википедия

Bone. Something so delicate can be so strong!

Fashion Sketchbook - fashion design exploring patterns & structure of musculature & the human skeleton - fashion sketches, samples & development; fashion portfolio // Natasha Elliott

Wing of a dragonfly, detail: Photography by Rolf Müller The wing shows a interesting structure: there are cells with a certain angle (120° and 90°). look up Fibonacci's Fractals

Origami Textiles with structural 3D folds; fabric manipulation; constructed textile design // Rachel Philpott

from Etsy

Autumn Bee photography, hive photo, honey bee, nature photograph, kitchen art, cottage decor, honey comb, teal brown rustic art, bee decor


The veins of the leaf are a complex structure which look even more effective when white.

Raindrops on spider's web, spiders web has started to break, ephemeral structure

Ice lolly being eaten, structure unable to last therefore ephemeral

Occupying and connecting. Frei Otto. The image above by Otto supports his argument that human spontaneous networks of urbanity follow similar patterns to ones formed in nature through the structures of leaves, insect colonies or soap bubbles.