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Blue-and-yellow Macaw (Ara ararauna). Photo was taken in 2010 at the WeltVogelPark Walsrode, Germany. The photo was very greenish and pale, because it w. Blue-and-yellow Wave

My Favorite sound on the lake!  They are beautiful and so fun to watch.

Baby loon taking a ride. Mommy loon and daddy loon take turns caring for baby.

The Crested Owl gazing into your soul

The Crested Owl gazing into your soul

Juvenile Crested Owl: The crested owl (Lophostrix cristata) is a species of owl in the family Strigidae. It is the only species (monotypic), in the genus Lophostrix.

Kingfisher catching a meal. This may or may not be Photoshopped. Either way, it's still amazing.

Triple play.

Amazing picture of a Kingfisher catching 3 fish, bird, fish, ice fishing.

Blue Coua	(Coua caerulea), Madagascar

The Blue Coua (Coua caerulea) is a species of bird in the Cuckoo family, and endemic to Madagascar

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Rainbow Lorikeets are extremely fast in flight. You can hear wind resistance coming from their wings in a similar manner to hummingbirds.They flock along the east coast of Australia in large numbers in search of fruit and nectar.By Trevor Andersen

Looking at it's own reflection.

pathodel: (via Eagle On Ice Photograph by James Geddes - Eagle On Ice Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale."Eagle on Ice" ~ Photo by James .