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Things I can build with Legos…

Things I can build with Legos…

So true you always expect something amazing will happen when you build something, but it always turns into something like that. AlSO THAT LEGO MOVIE was a lie I can't just build things like that.


Omg so all my friends were kind of having an insult off and I just jumped in and said I HOPE YOU STEP ON A LEGO, to no one in particular and everyone just kind of looked at me with their own look of horror on their faces and it was just the best thing

How people wake up…

How people wake up…

Polar Express Hot Chocolate (aka the BEST hot chocolate you've ever tasted) cups of heavy cream can of sweetened condensed milk oz) cups of bittersweet chocolate chips cups of milk tsp vanilla extract

Sunday brunch (60 photos)

A Hand That Doesn't Know How To Hand

A Hand That Doesn’t Know How To Hand