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Alabama citizens, representatives fight Obama’s attempt to house illegals on Alabama military bases - Yellowhammer News

SWAG is dumb, but this meme isn't.

Best Funny Quotes : The Berry…

Speech by Gary Yourofsky on Factory Farming. Very informative video about how factory farming is affecting our health, our environment, our ethics and animals. Contains some "language" and disturbing videos (Gary lets you know in advance when the videos will be played). 1 hour long, but worth the time.

Best Speech You Will Ever Hear - Gary Yourofsky (Animal rights / activism / veganism)

Its so bad.. and disgusting.. if ppl could go in person thru some kind of tour.. almost no one would eat that rotten filth ever again. If I just think a second what it smelled like I almost puke.  .

We're All Animals: Vegan Stories: Professional Boxer David Haye

While driving home in Arkansas, Alicia saw a man pedaling his bike and carrying 10 dogs in a makeshift trailer. Neither Alicia nor the man had any idea their encounter would change their lives forever. Click on picture to see this wonderful story--RE PIN

Homeless Man Saves 10 Stray Dogs, Receives Incredible Act Of Kindness

Homeless Man Traveling Across USA With 11 Stray Dogs He Rescued Gets A Helping Hand From Strangers

The Animal Legal Defense Fund interviews Will Potter about the importance of journalists and whistleblowers exposing animal abuse.

everyone has the right to know: "Ag gag laws are a series of laws proposed by the agriculture industry to keep consumers in the dark about what happens every single day on factory farms and slaughterhouses" ~ courtesy Will Potter

Thanks!  Those of us that did not vote for him either time, have to put up with him for another 3 years!!!   SHOCK POLL: 71% of Obama supporters ‘regret’ voting for his reelection

SHOCK POLL: 71% of Obama supporters 'regret' voting for his reelection - Tea Party News

Letter to the Editor: Obama refuses to recognize racism against whites

'So tell me about yourself.."

Lindsey Peterson @nailsbylindsey_ Black Stilletos! ...Instagram photo

Beautiful, gorgeous & funny as shit.

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US Currency - Federal Reserve

An Iranian family walks past anti-US graffiti on the wall of the former US embassy in Tehran on July 14, 2015.

4 Easy, Delicious Vegetarian Recipes to Try at Home

Some deal: Iran will soon be able to kill 90 percent of our population,An Iranian family walks past anti-US graffiti in Tehran - ATTA KENARE/AFP/Getty Images