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TMNT Chain

For Cody - Cross-stitch TMNT Bookmark . no color chart available, just use pattern chart as your color guide. Rotated Alpha Pattern added by arbarnett

201f201d1ea5459738d9b04f61a398a5.jpg (736×1580)

201f201d1ea5459738d9b04f61a398a5.jpg (736×1580)

Pixel Art Templates (Perler beads work great!!)

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Says it's Mario coasters perler bead pattern, but looks like a cross stitch pattern to me!

Super Mario Bros 3 perler bead patterns (with random potion). As a serious Mario nerd, I need this in my life

Super mario pattern for cross stitch, knitting or hama beads

Check out these cool Mario Patterns! Whether you are wanting to cross stitch, knit or you just need a good Mario pattern we can help you out!