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Swords- Something my Brother collected.

An extremely rare Burgundy dagger, provenance: France dating: 15th Century.

Behold! The glorious Deltin 6163 []

During the Renaissance civilian swords were not just weapons: they were works of art. The rapier of the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian II (1527-1576) is the paragon of the art of the sword. Modelled with unbelievable skill in solid gold, the hilt, glittering with multi-coloured enamel in many bright colours, is set onto a deadly Milanese blade of the very best quality.

Modern period swords of different types. First 13 (2 and half rows) are transitional 16th century forms from arming swords to side swords towards a basket hilted sword. 14th sword is a Scottish basket hilted claymore, almost all the rest are Venetian Schiavone, then the last row and one sword before that are rapiers.

The Bilbo Sword The characteristic form of the sword features a crossguard and knucklebow with swollen finials en suite with the pommel, while guard can be in shell guards or cup form.