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Hell yeah

Find powerful prayers and bible verses for every situation. Submit prayer requests and our community will pray for you.


The sweetest time of the day is when you pray. Because you're talking to the One who loves you the most. Prayer is truly that conversation that always leaves with a sense of peace :)

Stop stalking me Jebus or I'm gonna call the cops

I LOVE JESUS CHRIST! He's my Lord and savior forever. If you don't know the Lord Jesus Christ I encourage you to attend Maranatha Baptist Church in Mt Pleasant MI. Come and you'll learn you love the Lord!

Fear (awe, respect, honor) of God is our #1 priority. Are you more afraid of man than God? https://anorderlyhousehold.com/

What God knows about me is the ONLY thing that's important. what others think about me does not matter.

Not afraid to show it

Never be ashamed of your religion, and respect other religions as well! Always stand up for what is right and be proud of who you are, even if others discourage you from doing so!


10 Things God Wants You to Remember! Even if you are in the darkest place and you think there is no way out. remember this!

When the time is right he will make it happen

"When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen." Isaiah What a wonderful scripture. Reassuring for us.

#GoodMorningGirls ☀️⏰ - this is a great prayer to pray over our day today.. May we reflect God's love to others.  #WomenLivingWell  #JustGiveMeJesus

Dear Lord, Grant me the ability to speak kindly, respond gently and at times, to hold my tongue. I want my actions and reactions to please and reflect You and Your Love. So beautiful.