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My thoughts exactly while I was reading the books. I was SO pissed by the end of The Half Blood Prince that I wanted Snape to die. Then just when he was about to in The Deathly Hallows I learned the truth. It allowed me to justify why he was my favorite and least favorite the whole time. haha

When the Greatest Friendzoned Guy was Born....

remus lupin's life: a story of "life's not fair". :[

Harry Potter - Remus Lupin's Life (by tomperwomper) so sad

Harry potter humor is the best thing I've ever searched on Pinterest

Fred or Geoge's face HAHAHAHA. Draco's hair is always so sleek like who doesn't want to touch it?


Harry Potter HQ on

Harry Potter Logic, muggles, patronus charm, talking envelope true the ministry has to snap the wands of all the witches and wizards who work in that particular department

That has to be it.

oh ye. He's gonna ruin their whole year and the chamber of secrets movie and book because this guy, is literally the most idiotic person I have ever met. Ye this'll be hilarious," thought Dumbledore.

Response To JKR by Catching~Smoke on deviantArt // My thoughts exactly <3 Romione Forever!

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