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Found Beale Street Mama by Milton Brown And His Musical Brownies with Shazam, have a listen:

Great article attached to this image! Who is telling you you look good?

from BuzzFeed

44 Perfect Songs To Listen To While You Write

44 Inspiring Songs To Listen To While You Write

I wish I could have met Amy. Her musical skills and voice and whole person was just something rare and wonderful. And she taught us how harsh life is when you live surrounded by media and press. Maybe its too late to meet her but I can satisfy myself and listen to her truly amazing music.

Soundfuel music for writing! I can't believe I didn't find this earlier!

Into The Woods Poster Design. Very effective use of colour.

Aha bvb saved me from all that horrid pop music and gave me taste , they are awesome and are my faveorite band

Your Song... I remember listening to this song in the car on the way to my acupuncture for my last IVF... Hoping that someone would come into this world. 38 weeks later, Sam was born.... How wonderful life is, with him in the world....

Music is so uplifting. When I force myself to get serious about housework, Brittany's CD, "CIRCUS", really gets me moving... so does Rihanna.. I get stuff done listening to pop music. Later, I have to listen to my favorites. I really, really like my Robbie Seay CD's. #1 , though, is Josh Groban !!!!! I LOVE HIM !

The original photo by Alfred Wertheimer is from July 2,1956. And Elvis got his… … More