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Epigenomics: Roadmap for Regulation

End of cancer-genome project prompts rethink : Nature News & Comment

Decoding the Cell’s Genetic Filing System

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UCI researchers find epigenetic tie to neuropsychiatric disorders.

Altered dopamine levels can modify gene activity through epigenetic mechanisms despite the absence of genetic mutations of the DNA. Dopamine deficiencies can affect a variety of behavioral and physiological functions regulated in the prefrontal cortex.

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"Get Me Off Your Fucking Mailing List" is an actual science paper accepted by a journal

The paper above, titled "Get me off your fucking mailing list," has been accepted by the International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology.

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How can you tell if scientific evidence is strong or weak?

8 ways to be a more savvy science reader | Journals and papers both range from great to meh to downright fraudulent. And even a top-notch journal can sometimes publish a flawed study.

Most of the 'scientifically' minded crusaders have no actual scientific background, and their endeavour is nothing more than unconditional servitude to authority figures and the status quo. The irony is that many of the open-minded skeptics that they attack often do have a scientific background...

Data scientists find connections between birth month and health.

The brain can be trained to regulate negative emotions, study reports.


A Climate-Modeling Strategy That Won’t Hurt the Climate

A Climate-Modeling Strategy That Won’t Hurt the Climate -