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punziella's Elsa and Belle

Belle and Elsa art. This is amazingly wonderful. <<< I like to imagine that they'd be good friends - Plus it reminds me of me and my sister cause I'd be Elsa and she'd be Belle.

A mom sounds off when Disney unnecessarily adds boy characters and alters films to de- emphasize "girl centric" themes.

Where can I find Snow White in Disney World? Snow White is one of the most beloved of all the Disney Princesses. If you want to make a young Princesses dream come true on her vacation you need to k…

Disney Stained Glass characters | Wow, talk about amazing artwork. | Follow here http://pinterest.com/cakespinyoface/geekery/ for even more Geekery-- art, tech and more!

Disney Stained Glass

Stain glass windows of disney characters. Create a Disney character as a piece of stained glass.

Beauty and the Beast. My Favorite princess movie!

Seeking inspiration for a Disney Beauty and the Beast wedding? This was my wedding theme, and I will take you through inspirational ideas to help you plan your's.

disney princesses if they were superhero | Disney Princesses as Punks, Superheros, Goths, High School Girls ...

My rendition of the Disney princess characters Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty in steampunk fashion. Tradition media, ink and watercolour Steampunk Disney Princess

A fun, creative activity for Spanish class! Find the doble sentido in these juegos de palabras. Extension: students create their own! Check out the rest of the website (www.estudiafeliz.wordpress.com) for lots of other great materials for Spanish class.

Doble sentido: Buenos juegos de palabras

A fun, creative activity for Spanish class! Find the doble sentido in these…

One direction and Frozen

I think of Disney's Frozen (Anna & Kristoff) every time I hear this song: The Story of My Life - One Direction "The story of my life, I bring her home. I'd drive all night, to keep her warm and time. Is Frozen." ALL THE FEELS.

ANNA's portrait by MissMikopete on DeviantArt

If there is one thing I enjoy, it's drawing fashion.So here is some Modern Fashion KristAnna for you guys. -------Frozen and it's character'. Modern Fashion - Kristoff and Anna

Modern celebrities as Disney princesses...

Celebrities - Disney Princess

Celebrities as Disney princesses - Funny pictures of celebrities as Disney princesses: Angelina Jolie as Pocahontas, Emma Watson as The Little Mermaid, Kristen Bell as Beauty And The Beast, Christina Aguilera as Snow White, Lucy Liu as Mulan.