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I'm so glad everyone is having such a wonderful day, walking slow as fuck in front of me!

Shoe Hacks that will make your feet smile

Shoe Hacks that will make your feet smile

Blanchland village Northumberland, UK A place I want to visit.

DO NOT USE - There is something good her, like having Weirdo riding in it, and a strap line thats a bit off beat, but right now I will leave it were it is.

#YesAllWomen Because I am dealing with another man that cannot take no for an answer and is trying to guilt me into "just talking to him". No means NO!

Time-Lapse Ghost Cities: 8 Eerie Black & White Photographs

from My Modern Met

Nerve-Racking Self-Portraits of a Girl on the Edge

I stood on the ledge outside my apartment. I was 300 feet up. That was enough, right? I had enough of the bullies, the abuse, the hate, and my best friend not loving me the way I love him. I knew he didn't. So I couldn't tell him how I felt. I was about to push off when he screamed my name and grabbed my arm. (Open rp! Her names Alex. Jump in)

When life seems to be throwing too many curveballs, or you feel like you're not getting anything right, let's not forget to find ways to climb out of our own darkness. I still struggle to remain optimistic at times, and still have demons in my head that are harder to beat some days than others. But today I remind myself to be grateful for my life, forgive my flaws, and harness positive thinking to improve myself. My message today: instead of tearing yourself down, remember this - sometimes…