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to the wise...there are no grand firework displays unless it is a major NYE for France. The Eiffel Tower just twinkles like it does every night.

I wonder if my son-in-law would mind if I borrowed my daughter and grandson for a year or so??? lol Actually, I WOULD love to travel the world with them; I just have to move this "wish" to the top of my list! I'm not getting any younger, you

“Father God, no one knows me better than You. You know my heart, my fears, my dreams even my future husband. Please guide me and direct me when choosing my life long partner. God may Your will not mine be done in my life. Amen..”

Before I Die is one of my new favorite blogs.  It is so simple, but so fun - and gives you some great ideas to add to your bucket list. What is on the top of your bucket list?  Getting anything crossed off the list this weekend? Much love, B

They didn't agree on much In fact, they rarely agreed on everything They fought all the time And they challenged each other everyday But despite their differences, They had one important thing in common They were crazy about each other -The Notebook